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Take a tour of the city and find out why Montreal ranks no. 1 in Canada and sixth in the world on the 2019 QS Best Student Cities index.

7 reasons why you’ll love studying in Montreal.

1. It’s a vibrant, multilingual city

Across the city, French and English mingle and co-exist (often even in the same conversation!). Why not take the opportunity to discover a new culture and master another language while you’re here?

2. There's stuff to do in every season

Summers are hot and winters are snowy, but the weather never slows us down. We love to get outside, whether that’s playing sports in winter, or hanging out on terrasses and picnicking in parks when the weather warms up.

3. It’s a safe, affordable place to live

We are a progressive city in one of the safest countries in the world. This is a friendly and welcoming place for all. And Montreal has some of the lowest rent prices in Canada – no wonder we’re a top student city!

4. It’s really easy to get around

You can bike across the city on spacious bike lanes, or take the metro for an even faster trip. Being a student makes these eco-friendly travel options even sweeter. We have great student rates for public transit and bike shares!

Students in a park; architecture in the Montreal metro (subway); a mural of Leonard Cohen

5. Culture and nightlife is top-notch

We’re home to some of the best-rated restaurants in the world, and over 100 festivals pass through the city each year. Our arts, music and theatre scenes are vibrant and lively. Whatever you're into, you'll be engaged and inspired here.

6. This city sparks innovation

Montreal is a global leader in aerospace, tech, artificial intelligence,pharmaceuticals, video game development and more. No matter what sector you're interested in, this is the perfect place to explore and thrive.

7. It's historic, diverse and multicultural

Montrealisinthe traditional territory of theAnishinabegandHaudenosaunee nations.It has beena meeting place for different Indigenous groupsandsettlers for centuries. You’ll find a rich history across the city,andhearMontrealersspeakingall kinds oflanguages,fromInuktitutandSpanishtoCreole and Chinese.

McGill student holding a bagel

Eclectic districts

Montreal's diverse vibe shines through in the unique, colourful neighborhoods that makeup this iconic city.

Person receives food from food truck

The best restaurants

Montreal has a world-class food scene. Experience cuisines from 120+ countries, eat sustainably and dine on a dime.

Circus in the park

Never a dull moment

In the ‘City of Festivals’ you’ll never get bored. A lively music scene in a city bursting with culture and nightlife.

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